Ryan Melsert helped form the startup American Battery Technology Company (ABTC)  as Chief Technology Officer in 2019 and rose to CEO in 2021. Under his leadership, the company has progressed quickly toward completing it’s first pre-commercial plant, and Ryan received several US patents for his technology. While at ABTC, Ryan won BASF’s global Battery Recycling Circularity Challenge by demonstrating his lithium-ion battery recycling technology. The win gave ABTC entry into BASF’s accelerator program, hosted by Greentown Labs, one of the largest climate tech startup incubators in the world. Under Ryan’s leadership, ABTC was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC in partnership with USCAR (the collaborative technology company of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Stellantis), BASF and C4V to demonstrate that battery grade metals can be manufactured from recycled materials at lower cost, lower environmental impact and with higher domestic U.S.-sourced content than conventional virgin sourced metals.