American Battery Technology Company is excited of being an organizing and initial member of the new, energized Nevada Battery Coalition (NBC), an organization on the forefront of forming these relationships in our burgeoning industry.   

With significant investments in the battery industry and companies working to address every area of the supply chain, from mining to end-of-life processing, Nevada is rapidly emerging as a leader in the lithium-ion battery supply chain for North America.  We have forged strategic relationships throughout the battery supply chain and this coalition provides for additional opportunities to deepen and cultivate current and new partnerships to achieve a domestic, secure circular economy for battery materials.  

Establishing a reliable domestic source for these critical materials will produce significant environmental, economic, and national security advantages, all of which are key focuses for the Nevada Battery Coalition (NBC). The NBC is an advocacy group created to inform the public and private sectors of the economic, environmental, and national security issues associated with the battery supply chain and work to strengthen Nevada’s position as a leading battery center in North America. Fellow members include other industry leaders throughout the battery supply chain, including mining, battery recycling, and energy companies.  

Following the group’s formation and public announcement at the Nevada Clean Energy and Transportation Conference in February 2023, along with NBC’s organizing members, ABTC helped to define 3 primary areas of purpose and activities for the organization, including: 

Public Awareness: NBC will work to inform the public and decision-makers on the current successes and future opportunity of the lithium battery industry in Nevada through the following activities 

Industry Promotion and Advocacy: NBC will advance opportunities for the industry in Nevada by speaking in a unified voice to key decision-makers through the following activities 

Workforce and Economic Development: NBC will identify gaps and develop solutions in the areas of workforce and economic development to support the lithium industry in Nevada through the following activities 

To learn more about the Nevada Battery Coalition and its advocacy work, visit