UNR Project

ABTC Research Development Team at the University of Nevada Reno

Since March 2021, ABTC technology team has taken residence at the University of Nevada Reno’s (UNR) National Center for Applied Research (NCAR) incubator facilities. The ABTC team has expanded three-fold in technical personnel as well as expanded into two new laboratory spaces and an office space since then. The ABTC team and UNR faculty and staff have been collaborating on our current government grants and developing proposals for current grant solicitations. Much of our work done at UNR has been demonstrating our technologies at the bench scale and scaling up pilot scale demonstration. The expansion of our laboratory capabilities at UNR/NCAR is directly related to our scale up demonstration work.

This partnership provides ABTC with access to UNR’s advanced facilities, equipment, expertise and students. UNR and NCAR has been an ideal place and partnership to carry out this work as they have many established facilities and experienced faculty that complement the work well. UNR-NCAR has been more than accommodating and supportive of our efforts.

In addition to co-location, we are exploring different areas of collaboration, including a potential workforce development pipeline for University students and working together on the preparation and submission of grant applications. The ABTC team has hired five full-time scientists/engineers that are UNR alumni, three of which were interns and facilitated by the cooperative work of UNR/NCAR and ABTC. We look forward to hiring more UNR alumni as the opportunities arise.