We are proud to share that Profiles in Diversity Journal has presented American Battery Technology Company COO, Andrés Meza, with their Latino Leaders Worth Watching™ award.

The award underscores ABTC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices in hiring qualified leadership talent who represent different backgrounds and perspectives. The award recipients have demonstrated talent and skill, a dedication to excellence in all they do, a willingness to mentor and support the next generation, and a commitment to the broader community.

“I thrive on challenges that require unique perspectives in solving problems, using innovative and creative approaches to meet changing business environments,” says Andrés Meza. “The growth in the EV market, and the emphasis of major players in the auto industry on EVs, represents a significant change that will impact global economies. We are excited to be at the forefront of transforming the renewables industry in an environmentally sound way.”

Choosing the unconventional approach is something Meza learned to value very early in his career. He grew up in a small oil-rich town in Mexico with the expectation he would eventually work at the local refinery or petrochemical plant. But Meza chose a different professional path which led to his current role as the COO of ABTC, working to support the transition to a lower-carbon future and sustainable energy. A culmination of his professional trajectory to date and his passion for the environment, he joined ABTC to help address the increase in demand for domestic battery metals with an industry-first, environmentally sound, and economically viable lithium-ion battery recycling process.

“Andrés has dedicated himself to achieving excellence, and throughout his career has taken progressive and even unconventional approaches to solve major problems and respond to rapid and unprecedented change,” said Ryan Melsert, CEO at ABTC. “Through his leadership, we are working to build and cultivate a company culture that honors, respects and encourages workforce diversity, inclusion and human equity, all of which are needed to build teams that will revolutionize the future of clean energy through sustainable battery materials recovery and extraction.”