Reno, Nev., Jan. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) (OTCQB:ABML), an American critical minerals and lithium-ion battery recycling company, has completed drilling of its first set of several sampling locations and submitted the subsurface samples collected from their Tonopah Flats Lithium Exploration Project for high throughput screening analysis.  These samples were collected from their initial secured 305 lode mining claims, located in Big Smoky Valley near Tonopah, Nev.

“We’re proud of how quickly and efficiently our Resources team has been able to develop and execute this initial exploration drilling and sampling effort, and we’re excited to begin analyzing the characterization results from these initial samples,” stated ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert.

Given the promising results of initial surface samples of the original 305 claims, combined with the confirmed geological representative characteristics and surface expressions of adjacent claims, ABTC commenced an additional exploratory subsurface sampling program to potentially further develop this resource where the sample results will be used to understand the extent of the deposit in footprint, depth, and the grades of the lithium.  The company will continue with additional exploratory drilling while thorough analyses of these initial samples are underway.

The ABTC Tonopah Flats Lithium Exploration Project currently encompasses the exploration, sampling, and analysis of 427 unpatented lode mining claims covering approximately 8,540 acres of land.   The company will continue conducting geological mapping, sampling, geochemical analysis, and proprietary extraction trials to characterize these high potential resources and to quantify the performance of its internally developed lithium extraction and manufacturing operations.

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Location of exploratory subsurface sampling sites from the American Battery Technology Company’s Tonopah Flats Lithium Exploration Project located in Big Smoky Valley near Tonopah, Nev.  Sampling results will be used to further quantify the performance of these high potential resources.
About American Battery Technology Company

American Battery Technology Company, which recently changed its name from American Battery Metals Corporation, is uniquely positioned to supply low-cost, low-environmental impact, and domestically sourced battery metals through its three divisions: lithium-ion battery recycling, primary battery metal extraction technologies, and primary resources development.

American Battery Technology Company has built a clean technology platform that is used to provide a key source of domestically manufactured critical and strategic battery metals to help meet the near insatiable demand from the electric vehicle, electrical grid storage, and consumer electronics industries. This ESG-principled platform works to create a closed-loop circular economy for battery metals that champions ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing of critical and strategic materials.

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