Our Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Pilot Plant will be entirely new construction consisting of three functional building areas totaling approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space with 60,000 square feet dedicated to production space. The new building spaces in Fernley, Nevada include a production building, an office building with laboratories, and a warehouse. We are also planning to build a universal waste storage facility in Fernley, and a hazardous waste storage facility in nearby McCarran, Nevada in Storey County at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC).

Pilot Plant Progress: Key Milestones

This section will highlight Pilot Plant progress starting in June 2021. Much work was done prior to June but is not shown below.

April 1: Space frames and steel deck roofing have been installed and preparations have begun for the Phase 2 Process Building foundation slab.

February 8: Interior and exterior tilt-up walls have been erected.

December 20: Three major concrete pours for the two-foot thick slab of our Pilot Plant’s Phase 1 Production Building have been completed.

November 10: Core and Shell Building Permit is approved, paving the way for the next step of the project including construction of the production building, laboratories, and office space.

October 6: In anticipation of the approval of the Core/Shell Building Permit, ABTC began initial site work to build the battery recycling plant in Fernley, Nevada. The Core/Shell permit for the plant is still under review with the City of Fernley.

August 16: American Battery Technology Company submitted a building permit application for Civil Improvements for our Pilot Plant in Fernley, Nevada. This permit application includes infrastructure and utility improvements in the public right-of-way fronting the Pilot Plant Property.

July 23: In conjunction with Miles Construction, ABTC submitted the Pilot Plant Core and Shell Permit to the City of Fernley.

June 30: City of Fernley approved final grading permit. To prevent mobilizing, demobilizing, and remobilizing due to the timing of permit reviews, ABTC will begin site grading and building construction after the core/shell building permit is approved by the City of Fernley.

June 30: ABTC purchased a 13.8-acre property located in McCarran, Nevada in Storey County. The parcel is part of the world’s largest industrial park and will be used to construct a hazardous waste feedstock storage and pre-processing facility.

June 16: Fernley City Council approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the Pilot Plant, allowing ABTC the ability to submit building permits for the site.

June 10: All necessary water rights for the building of the Pilot Plant acquired. Additional water rights may be acquired.

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