The ABTC team is very excited to announce a new brand, instigated and inspired by our employees, that represents the company’s recent transformation and pivot to commercialization.

Beginning with the appointment of Ryan Melsert as CEO in September 2021, our company has transformed. We have fully reconstituted the company’s independent Board of Directors candidate slate, strategically realigned and integrated the companies’ three business units, restructured financial, accounting and cost control practices, established a new Reno-based headquarters, and continue to attract top talent and expand the team, hiring new key positions including Chief Finance Officer, Director of Research and Development, Head of HR, and Lead Analytical Chemists, amongst several others.

ABTC’s new brand and visual identity have been developed to reflect our unique market position and our team’s commitment to building and contributing to a new energy circular economy and transition to a lower-carbon infrastructure.

Initial Elements of ABTC’s New Brand Include:

New Mission

American Battery Technology Company commercially develops domestic, sustainable battery materials through lithium-ion battery recycling and battery metal extraction technologies for use in batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, and consumer electronics and tools.

New Vision

Powering the Future of Sustainable Energy.

New Values

We Do the Right Thing, the Right Way

Our team’s character drives how we treat others, how we make ethical decisions, and how we move forward as a responsible, world-bettering company. We make honesty and transparency our routine with a focus on safety, quality, and accountability.

We Work Hard and Play Nice

We embrace the big challenges, facing them head-on by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, with individual contributions powering team collaboration for the greatest results.

We Care

We are champions of each other, our shareholders, our customers, and our communities. Embracing differences and curiosity, we value authenticity, mutual respect, openness, and inclusion. We’re all on the same team: team human.

We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

We are forward thinkers and doers, seeking innovative ways to solve problems and challenge the status quo to better the world now so future generations can thrive.

New Logo

The new logo embodies a combination of visual iconography that was inspired by ABTC’s employees, and represents the company’s purpose, processes, and products. It expresses honesty, inspiration, optimism and cleverness. The primary symbols expressed in the logo’s visual narrative include:

  • Circularity and recycling
  • Battery power and energy
  • Minerals and elemental resources
  • Infinite recyclability of battery metals
  • Infinite state of evolution and innovation

New Colors

The new primary color palette includes the use of dark blue, teal and grey with orange and yellow as sparingly applied accent colors. Our use of blue and teal represents the balances between tradition and modern, steadiness and innovation, and stability and disruption. While the use of orange intends to represent enthusiasm and courage; and yellow intends to represent optimism. The use of color gradient intends to represent evolution and perpetual improvement.

Get Company Gear

Additionally, and at the suggestion of employees and shareholders, ABTC has launched a new online merchandise store with company gear reflecting their new brand values available for purchase using a campaign-based model.