July 2021

Through the thought-leadership and innovation of our team members, ABTC is at the forefront of redefining the North American battery supply chain. Last week, our CTO Ryan Melsert was part of an article showcased in Waste 360 highlighting the continued role we are playing to define the landscape of our industry. We are proud of our work to continue to push this industry forward and create solutions that are driven by our passion for both the environment and economic vitality. For more ABTC innovation highlights and other articles, visit our new ABTC Media Room on our website here.

Highlights from this month:

Powering Forward: Our Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Pilot Plant

We are constructing a first of its kind, recycling facility – and we want to ensure we are doing it right and with astute attention and diligence as we are building our blueprint for possible future plants. We are moving forward aggressively and successfully. In the coming month, we will launch a new webpage dedicated to providing construction updates on key milestones.

This week, we are very excited to share that we have purchased a 13.8 acre property located at 695 E. Sydney Drive, Storey County, NV. The parcel is part of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, known as the largest industrial park in the world. This site will be used to construct one of our feedstock storage and pre-processing facilities. When completed, this facility will allow us to receive and process a wide variety of traditionally difficult to transport and process manufacturing waste and end-of-life materials, from customers near and far.

We continue to work with the City of Fernley, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP), and other governmental entities and regulatory agencies to finalize all levels of construction and operational permits required for our pilot plant. This takes time and there are permits required throughout the entire lifecycle of the process of bringing a first-of-kind system from a greenfield site to a functional world class facility.

On June 17, ABTC reached a significant milestone after receiving unanimous approval from the Fernley City Council for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for our pilot plant. This CUP was issued through a rigorous review of the safety and operational design of our facility, and with this permit now issued, several government agencies are able to review our already submitted permit applications for the construction and operation of our recycling facility.

We have an excellent team managing the design and construction of our plant and storage facilities, and they will always work hard to optimize project efficiencies and costs. To this end, in order to enable a continuous and fluid construction effort, our team will intentionally begin site grading operations only after both the final mass grading permit and the core/shell building permit are approved by the city of Fernley.

Powering Up: Our ABTC Development Center at the University of Nevada-Reno

We are pleased to announce that our company’s lab in Reno, housed at and in partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno, is officially up and running. Our research and development expertise drives forward ABTC’s unique and innovative work. This partnership with the University of Nevada, with support from a Department of Energy grant, will enable us to continue to push the domestic critical materials industry forward. The work we perform at this development center as well as at our center housed at Greentown Labs in Boston serves as a significant differentiator for us. Driven by deep passion for the environment and perfectionism, on-staff experts are using innovation to pragmatically solve complex challenges. Fully application focused, they are using an in-house, full-circle approach to researching, testing and proving new ways to recycle and extract valuable and limited critical minerals.

Powering Within: Our ABTC Team

We are a purpose-focused company. As CEO of ABTC, I believe in fostering a company where employees who are committed to our mission feel valued and included. Just as we are focused on constructing our pilot plant, we are also focused on cultivating and building a company that will succeed and thrive for the long-term. This summer we’ve had several very excited and eager interns join the team to assist conducting critical research. Working with our interns is a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do at ABTC – building battery energy options for future generations with minimal impacts on the environment.

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July,

Doug Cole, CEO

American Battery Technology Company