Metal Tech News – April 5, 2024

A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News | Last updated Apr 05, 2024 3:19pm

ABTC workers overlooking production at recycling facility.
ABTC’s Tahoe Reno Industrial Center is a 137,000-square-foot recycling plant that will have the capacity to process an initial production scale of 20,000 metric tons of battery feedstock material per year.

Evaluation conducted by DOE finds American Battery Technology Company prime candidate to build another recycling facility in U.S.

Having earned an initial $20 million tax credit award under the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Tax Credit, otherwise known as 48C, American Battery Technology Company has been selected for an additional $40.5 million to support the design and construction of a new, next-generation commercial battery recycling facility within the United States.

“ABTC and our partners have been engaging with nearly every major automotive OEM and battery cell manufacturer in the world to present the services we have to offer of domestic, low-cost, and low environmental impact recycling of lithium-ion batteries, the manufacturing of precursor materials, and the synthesis of refined materials such as high-recycled metal content high energy density cathode active material (CAM),” said ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert.

Now working toward scaling up its recycling facility in Nevada, ABTC has been awarded over $60 million through the 48C program and over $70 million in Department of Energy grants to support the quick establishment of recycling and primary battery metals commercialization as well as a domestic battery metals circular supply chain.

The latest $40.5 million 48C grant from the U.S. Department of Treasury and Internal Revenue Service followed a highly competitive technical and economic review process carried out by DOE. The energy agency evaluated the feasibility of proposed facilities that will advance America’s buildout of globally competitive critical material recycling, processing, and refining infrastructure, and determined ABTC to be a natural fit.

“We are now at the point where we have more feedstock battery material for recycling under negotiations than can be processed in our current Nevada facility, and as a result, we have been conducting preliminary design and site selection processes for our next commercial-scale recycling facility,” added Melsert.

With the latest funding, it appears that the federal agency is seeking to provide additional support for ABTC to construct another strategically placed facility to further reinforce domestic production of the materials needed to power the clean energy future.

“The next facility will be strategically aligned with our partner facilities in location and throughput, and we are excited to have received this support from the U.S. government to apply these $40.5 million in credits towards the accelerated construction and start of operations of this pivotal facility intended to significantly increase the nation’s capacity to manufacture domestic critical battery materials,” the battery recycling CEO said.

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