This spring, ABTC welcomed Daphne Gulling, as our new Human Resources (HR) Director of the company. 

ABTC is in the process of transitioning from a pre-revenue to a revenue-generating company and strongly believes that the HR function is a critical part of this transition. The hiring of Daphne is a firm step towards the company’s goal of building an overall ‘people’ strategy and a strong, high-performing team.

Daphne oversees the process of acquisition of expert talent and is leading new HR functions in support of the commercialization of the company, the expansion of operations, and the opening of our pilot plant. She will also be in charge of building the company’s human resources functions such as talent acquisition and recruitment, workplace environmental health and safety, employee relations, compensation planning, labor law compliance, and training.

An accomplished, diligent, and innovative human resource professional, Gulling joined ABTC with three decades of experience in applying effective strategies to improve processes, drive productivity, and achieve sustainable growth. As a performance-focused human resource expert, she is highly proficient in analyzing and defining operational requirements and executing tools that are essential for the successful implementation of strategic measures to achieve wider margins.  Workforce management, HR business partnering, employee experience, performance management, compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection, and talent acquisition are some of her areas of expertise.

Daphne’s most recent role was as a Chief Human Resource Officer at Western Sierra Medical Clinic, where her key responsibility areas were FQHC credentialing, developing, recommending and implementing personnel policies and procedures, performance management, employee counseling, conflict resolution, and third party compliance investigations. 

Prior to Western Sierra Medical Clinic, she held senior positions at Interior Logic Group, Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Vail Resorts, and Threshold Enterprises. Her association with Threshold Enterprises deserves a special mention as she served this organization for twenty years and her visionary leadership was instrumental in leading and motivating employees to maximize the knowledge and capabilities of HR staff.  Daphne is a BA Business degree holder from San José State University. 

“The entire team at American Battery Technology Company is very excited to have Daphne help us build upon and expand our vibrant, values-based, team-focused company culture. It is our pleasure to extend a huge heartfelt welcome to Daphne as she takes the reins to lead our ABTC HR function,” said Andres Meza, American Battery Technology Company Chief Operations Officer.