Dispatches from WasteExpo Day 1: Latinx business leaders, mobile collection apps and PFAS in biosolids

The industry’s largest event kicked off with sessions focused on the link between diversity and sustainability, young rising leaders, fleet technology rollouts and a notable new PFAS law in Maine. By WasteDive: Cole Rosengren, Maria Rachal, and Megan Quinn This year’s WasteExpo in Las Vegas is full of panels and discussions on the future of


Nevada Center for Applied Research Extends University Co-location to American Battery Technology Company

RENO, NV -- One of the latest companies to further a partnership with the University of Nevada Reno's Nevada Center for Applied Research (NCAR) and locate its research and development on campus is American Battery Technology Company (ABTC). NCAR provides industry and entrepreneurs with access to the University's advanced facilities, equipment and expertise. In the


Lithium costs a lot of money—so why aren’t we recycling lithium batteries?

By Shel Evergreen Electric vehicles, power tools, smartwatches—Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere now. However, the materials to make them are finite, and sourcing them has environmental, humanitarian, and economic implications. Recycling is key to addressing those, but a recent study shows most Lithium-ion batteries never get recycled. Lithium and several other metals that make up


Nevada-based battery company taps former Tesla cell scientist for material recycling operation

By Joey Klender A former Tesla research scientist will join Nevada-based American Battery Technology Company (ABTC), a critical minerals and lithium-ion battery recycling company, to spearhead an EV battery material recycling operation. ABTC said on Wednesday that Dr. Mark McDaniel would become the company’s Senior Staff Analytical Chemist, leading “a team of scientists in the



By Maura Keller Open any news website and you’d be hard pressed not to find information on the growth of the electric vehicle marketplace. With that growth, recyclers’ attention is increasingly focused on the eventual influx of the lithium-ion batteries used within these vehicles, including new recycling facilities, legislative issues and challenges that come


Cyclical supply chains are the future for EV battery recycling

Embracing new recycling methods could produce more sustainable EV batteries and a less environmentally harmful battery manufacturing industry. By Christopher Dyer Electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling is in its infancy, with the earliest EV batteries only now coming to the end of their lifecycle. Most automotive manufacturers are hesitant to take responsibility for the


A vision for lithium-ion battery recycling in the US

By Innovation News Network American Battery Technology Company takes another step toward a combustion-free future by securing a $2m contract for a lithium-ion battery recycling commercial demonstration. Although the benefits, drawbacks, and projections regarding the future of EVs dominate the public conversation, little attention is paid to what will happen to the components in


ABTC receives contract to demonstrate its hydrometallurgical lithium-ion battery recycling process

By Paul Crompton, Energy Storage Publishing Mineral extraction firm American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) has received a competitively bid $2 million contract to demonstrate its hydrometallurgy lithium-ion battery recycling process. The contract award includes a 75% cost-share, and funds a 30-month project that began in October 2021. The program aims to demonstrate that battery


Waste360’s 40 Under 40: Ryan Melsert (Innovator Award)

From Waste360.com Ryan Melsert, CEO, American Battery Technology Company (Innovator Award) Ryan Melsert helped form the startup American Battery Technology Company (ABTC)  as Chief Technology Officer in 2019 and rose to CEO in 2021. Under his leadership, the company has progressed quickly toward completing it’s first pre-commercial plant, and Ryan received several US patents

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