The Role Of Battery Recycling In The Circular Economy: Supply Chain, Logistics and Profitability

Kezi Cheng, Tobias Egle, Janina Motter | Jun 24, 2021 Editor's Note: The Role Of Battery Recycling In The Circular Economy is a three-part series. Part 1 focuses on Key Technologies. Part 2 focuses on the Battery Supply Chain, Logistics and Profitability. Part 3 focuses on Challenges and the Role of Policy. The current battery supply chain is shown in red


Achieving clean energy with ABTC’s lithium-ion battery recycling

American Battery Technology Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Melsert, discusses the company’s battery recycling process and green energy verticals. The lithium-ion battery industry is experiencing a period of extreme growth with a more than 20-fold increase in annual production projected over the next 10 years (~150 GWhr in 2018 versus more than 3,000 GWhr in

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