The American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) submitted its application for a core and shell building permit to the City of Fernley, Nevada, marking another step closer to the start of construction of its Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Pilot Plant. The core and shell building permit for the Pilot Plant was developed and submitted in conjunction with Miles Construction and filed on Friday July 23.

Once approved, the core and shell building permit will allow the company to begin the construction phase of the Pilot Plant starting with mobilizing contractors to start work on the foundation and external features of its Pilot Plant.

“We continue to forge ahead with the construction of our battery recycling pilot plant keeping operational efficiencies and costs top of mind,” said American Battery Technology Company CEO Doug Cole. “I continue to be very pleased with the team’s diligence and progress.”

ABTC has an excellent team managing the design and construction of the plant and storage facilities led by ABTC’s project manager Chuck Leber along with design-build general contractor Miles Construction and architectural firm BJG Inc.

The Fernley Pilot Plant includes 60,000 square feet of production space, plus offices and laboratories, and warehouse space. The Pilot Plant production area will be built in two phases: 30,000 square feet in the first phase, and another 30,000 square feet in the second.

There are a variety of tasks and activities required to design and construct the Pilot Plant. Key activities and tasks are shown in sequence on the graphic below. Note that this sequence may change, and the duration of each task and activity is not shown due to, for example, the uncertain timing of permit reviews.

Activities and tasks above the red line indicate those completed to date.

UPDATE: ABTC received the core and shell permit on November 10th.

20211104 ABTC Flow Chart