In celebration of the launching of our new ABTC brand and shareholder demand, we are excited to be providing official company-branded merchandise for the first time.

As part of our corporate commitment to sustainability and to ‘leave things better than we found them,’ we want to provide company gear that authentically reflects and demonstrates our ABTC values. Too often, branded merchandise can consist of non-recyclable materials, lower-quality production, throwaway items that often and ultimately end up in the landfill, or are produced in places without safe labor and manufacturing policies. With these considerations in mind, we’ve set up our ABTC Merch store to offer well-researched, domestically-affiliated, sustainable products, whenever possible.

  1. Campaign model: As part of our commitment to being waste conscious and in order to avoid the over production of materials, the store runs on a campaign model. This means that the store opens for a set period of time, during which all orders are collected, and then items are made-to-order at the end of each campaign.  This can take a little extra time before receiving placed orders – but we think it is worth the wait.
  2. Selection of product: Each item on our site has been carefully considered and selected to support ethical and domestic sourcing practices, decreased waste in landfills and lower environmental impacts whenever possible. We will continue to evaluate which items are listed in each campaign based on the availability of products, pricing and demand that adhere to our values.

Check out our ABTC Merch store.  Not only can you feel proud to sport our ABTC brand, but you can feel good about the responsibly-sourced gear too.

Our Relationship with HALO Branded Solutions: 

ABTC is working with HALO as an independent third party vendor. HALO is a leader in the branded merchandise and apparel business, not only as the largest US distributor but also in influencing their suppliers and customers towards ESG solutions. While ABTC is  involved in the selection and design of products, the manufacturing and production is managed externally by HALO, and we do not receive any profits or manage the finances of the store. Learn more about Halo’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, like their carbon-neutral shipping initiative, by visiting Halo Branded Solutions.