ABTC is excited to help get the word out about National Drive Electric Week taking place across the US from September 25  – October 3, 2021! Starting Sunday, September 26, you can join local and virtual events all about raising awareness of the many benefits of driving electric vehicles.

It is easy to get involved in events in your community. Type in your zip code on the website to find events in your area. If you’re wondering what to expect, most events will have EV owners ready to show off their ride and answer any questions you might have.  Depending on where you go, you might even get to take it for a little spin!

National Drive Electric Week offers some great examples of the benefits of going electric that might spark your interest:

  • Instant torque allowing you to quickly speed up and merge onto the freeway
  • Less maintenance
  • EVs are ten times less likely to catch fire than conventional cars
  • Many major automakers offer plug-in electric vehicles that can go up to 300 miles on a single charge
  • And, of course, they’re better for the environment, even when accounting for their manufacturing carbon emissions and when using electricity from coal plants.


At ABTC, we are so amped to be a part of and experience the national enthusiasm and commitment for electric vehicles which is projected to grow each year.  Electric vehicles are key to a sustainable future.  To that end, we are committed to creating a circular economy for battery metals by recycling batteries to recover and reuse the metals, ethically and environmentally sustainably extracting battery metals from primary resources, developing new, environmentally sound technologies that can be deployed at scale.

If you already have an EV, take this week as an opportunity to talk to your friends about why you love it! Take them for a test drive.  Have they ever tried Launch Control in a Tesla? Pretty slick, right?

If you think electric vehicles are just a modern fad, they’ve actually been around since the late 1800s.