BASF will produce cathode active materials using recycled metals purchased from ABTC.


The American Battery Technology Company (ABTC), Reno, Nevada, has partnered with Germany-based battery materials producer BASF to develop a regional closed-loop solution for lithium-ion batteries for the North American market.  

Under the terms of the agreement, with deliveries starting in 2024, BASF will produce cathode active materials (CAM) at its production site in Battle Creek, Michigan, using recycled metals purchased from ABTC, such as nickel, cobalt and lithium. This is part of a broader collaboration with Nanotech Energy and TODA to establish what BASF refers to as the first closed-loop solution for lithium-ion batteries in North America. 

“The establishment of a true closed-loop battery materials supply chain within North America is only possible with the commitment of partners within each sector of the circular supply chain, and we could have no better partner in this endeavor than BASF,” ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert says.  

“We are excited to be commencing operations at our first commercial-scale lithium-ion battery recycling facility for the manufacturing of critical battery materials, to execute on this partnership and to then expand these operations throughout North American to address our critical battery mineral security of supply, cost of supply and environmental impact of supply challenges,” he adds. 

“BASF is the only cathode active material producer with production in North America, Europe and Asia and understands what it takes to close the loop for our customers,” says Michael Burdick, business manager of battery recycling at BASF. “We have been working closely with ABTC since 2019 and are proud to announce our formal partnership in North America which will create the first closed loop in the region.” 

Published by Recycling Today