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The Future Starts Today

“The traditional definition of sustainability is meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. Really nothing is single-use. On an elemental basis, nothing is really consumed in the way we use things. And having that mindset from the beginning instead of an afterthought is what I would change about our industry.”
~Ryan Melsert, CEO, CTO

Our Mission

American Battery Technology Company provides technical development and commercialization of domestic, sustainable sourcing of critical battery materials through lithium-ion battery recycling and battery metal extraction technologies for use in batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, and consumer electronics and tools.

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American Battery Technology Company initially started as a company with a few mining claims in Nevada and over the last few years, now with a new team and management, has grown to become an integrated battery materials company. Through our innovative, first-of-kind processing technology, we are uniquely positioned to supply low-cost, low-environmental impact, and domestically sourced battery metals through our three core operations to support a sustainable closed-loop battery metal economy. We recycle lithium-ion batteries back to cathode-grade material, are committed to sustainability, and are developing primary lithium resources in Nevada.

  • HQ located in Reno, NV
  • Five Nevada facilities: HQ, UNR Labs, Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC), Fernley, and Tonopah
  • 95 employees
  • 20,000 mt/year of processing at initial Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Plant with anticipated plans of scaling up to 100,000 mt/y processing for commercial plant in the future
  • Over 10,000 acres of lithium-bearing sedimentary claystone unpatented lode mining claims located near Tonopah, Nevada

Reno HQ & Our Labs @ UNR

ABTC is headquartered in Reno, Nevada – “The Biggest Little City in the World.” In recent years, the region has become a major technology center for the United States with the presence of many tech startups as well as top-tier companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Panasonic, Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Our Reno HQ has a central location in the city and currently serves as home base for company executive, administrative, and financial operations.

Labs at University of Nevada Reno:

Our partnership with the Nevada Center for Applied Research (NCAR) has provided lab space a short drive away at the University of Nevada Reno. As part of our commitment to constant innovation, our team of scientists and engineers continues to test and adapt our recycling processes alongside the latest in battery technology, as they work to also demonstrate an original, supportable and superior lithium extraction process as a substitute to the conventional evaporation-based technology. This novel method allows for significantly lower consumption of acid, lower levels of contaminants in the generated leach liquor, and lower overall costs of production. The ABTC technology team supports continued work on their US Advanced Battery Consortium and Department of Energy funded collaboration with strategic partners BASF and C4V to demonstrate that battery grade nickel, cobalt, manganese, and lithium hydroxide can be manufactured from recycled materials at lower cost, lower environmental impact, and with higher domestic U.S. sourced content than conventional virgin sourced metals.

Reno, NV

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Plant

ABTC’s lithium-ion battery recycling plant is located at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) in Nevada. The 137,000 square foot recycling plant is designed to function with high yields and low emissions and will have the capacity to process an initial production scale of 20,000 MT of battery feedstock material per year.

This plant enables the expansion of our in-house developed recycling technologies with application in a commercial-scale facility. A project led by a team of experts in their respective fields, the plant will be the first commercial demonstration of our closed-loop battery recycling process, separating and recovering critical materials from end-of-life batteries and purifying the products to meet battery-grade material specifications.

Tonopah Flats

Our base of operations for primary resource development is located in Tonopah, Nevada, a historic mining town whose population boomed in the early 1900s when significant amounts of gold, silver, copper, and lead were mined in the area. The increased demand for lithium due to its use in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and advanced ceramics has created a renewed interest in the area, where lithium has been found in both brine and claystone resources.

ABTC is currently testing and evaluating multiple lithium extraction processes to sustainably and cost-effectively recover battery grade lithium products from primary resources. Most of our work has focused on designing and optimizing our internally developed processing train for manufacturing battery cathode grade lithium hydroxide from Nevada-based sedimentary claystone resources.

The ABTC Tonopah Flats Lithium Exploration Project currently encompasses the exploration of 517 unpatented lode mining claims covering approximately 10,340 acres of land that is administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) near Tonopah, Nevada. As part of our exploration, ABTC is continuing to conduct geological mapping, sampling, drilling, geochemical analysis, and proprietary extraction trials to characterize these resources and to quantify the performance of the lithium extraction and manufacturing operations.

Tonopah Flats

ABTC Values

We Do the Right Thing, the Right Way

Our team’s character drives how we treat others, how we make ethical decisions, and how we move forward as a responsible, world-bettering company. We make honesty and transparency our routine with a focus on safety, quality, and accountability.

We Work Hard and Play Nice

We embrace the big challenges, facing them head-on by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, with individual contributions powering team collaboration for the greatest results.

We Care

We are champions of each other, our shareholders, our customers, and our communities. Embracing differences and curiosity, we value authenticity, mutual respect, openness, and inclusion. We’re all on the same team: team human.

We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

We are forward thinkers and doers, seeking innovative ways to solve problems and challenge the status quo to better the world now so future generations can thrive.

Our Executive Team

ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert

Ryan Melsert

CEO, CTO, Director
ABTC COO Andres Meza

Andrés Meza

ABTC CRO Scott Jolcover

Scott Jolcover

Jesse Deutsch

Jesse Deutsch


Our Board

We are a publicly traded company with a current 4-person Independent Board of Directors wherein our CEO Ryan Melsert serves as a Board Director , and ABTC’s general counsel, Bret Meich, serves as the Board Secretary. Each member of ABTC’s Board of Directors brings a unique and complementary set of necessary skills and experiences that will help continue to drive us through our evolution to a commercial scale manufacturing and operations company within the battery metals industry.

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